A Breathtaking Hike in Switzerland

A Breathtaking Hike in Switzerland

As the blog title suggests, my hike in Switzerland last September was breathtaking, both literally and figuratively.
It was my first time visiting Ticino, the southernmost canton of Switzerland, and I love the Mediterranean vibe the area offered. It was quite unusual for me to see palm trees as Switzerland is more well known as a country with plenty of alps rather than tropical trees. It’s interesting to see plenty of Italian influence around the area, though it should not come as a surprise looking at how close to the Italian border Ticino is.
Equipped with the digital maps in our phones plus well-marked signages, a small group of hikers and I found it a breeze navigating the routes and finding our way from one town to another.

There are plenty of route signs to direct you along the way
Here are some of the highlights of our trip.

Hiking from Bellinzona to Isone
Our first day of the hike took us from the lovely town of Bellinzona to Isone. The journey started off with a pleasant walk through the back streets of the town and into parks where we walked along the river. 

As soon the 3 KM mark is crossed, we realised that our walk in the park is over, and what greeted us was a steep walk up through a town before we enter the woods. The next 2 – 3 hours was spent navigating our way up the trail into the ‘light’. The hike was tough, but we kept our spirits high with constant conversations and a nice picnic lunch.

It was a constant ascend in the woods, but it was nice and peaceful being surrounded by thick foliage

Our Swiss picnic lunch. Every hiker contributed an item to the lunch menu.

We saw plenty of cows when we are reaching the town of Isone.

we were greeted by this lovely view before our descent into Isone.

Hiking from Tesserete to Lugano
The scenery during this leg of our hike is the most beautiful. As we hiked through lush forests, the views of the alps and lakes that Switzerland is famous for is our constant companion. Needless to say, amidst catching our breaths, we captured lots of beautiful photos too.

The mountain views greeted us right at the start of the hike.

There is a lovely swing perched on the mountaintop.

A family enjoying the gorgeous view in front of them.

Our turn to enjoy the awesome view!
Sightseeing around Lugano and Morcote
After 3 consecutive days of hiking, we decided to take it slow on the 4th day and do some sightseeing around Lugano and Morcote. That’s the beauty of going on a self-guided hike, we have the flexibility to arrange our own travel itinerary. We just had to make our way to the next accommodation on our own.

Morcote is situated on the shore of Lake Lugano and is one of the most frequently photographed places in Ticino.
Making use of our complimentary Ticino transport card issued by the hotels, we got to explore the region by public transportation free of charge! The Swiss public transport network is so well designed and connected that it even brings us to the most remote of areas.
Though we didn’t get to complete the intended 5 days of the hike, accomplishing only 3 days, we felt very good about our achievement. It also left a lingering want to complete the remaining 2 days of hike in time to come.
If you want to see more of our experiences, you may take a look at the photo album on Facebook or watch the video below.

Why not give this experience a try? Check out the itinerary here.

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