Healing & Culture Discovery in Incheon

Healing & Culture Discovery in Incheon

cover image credit: Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel

The name, Incheon – is often associated to South Korea’s largest airport. It is also one of the busiest airport in the world. The third largest city in South Korea, Incheon is not only a city with a long history and rich Korean traditions but also a vibrant metropolitan city.
Incheon stands out as a healing city that blends history and modernity harmoniously. It offers access to wide blue seas and beautiful sunsets. From its outdoor green spaces to outstanding architecture dating back to ancient Korean history.
Your journey in South Korea starts in Incheon. Explore and discover Incheon like never before. Here are our recommendation what to do in Incheon for 4 days 3 nights.

Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel

image credit: Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel

image credit: Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel
Stay in Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Hotel, located at Songdo Central Park, a centrepiece landmark that serves as the city’s invigorating green lungs. It is the first five-star Hanok hotel in Korea and was built in traditional architectural styles of the Goryeo and the Joseon dynasties. The hotel is also a favourite film location for many blockbuster Korean dramas.
The calm surroundings and gracefully designed rooms decorated with Hanji (traditional Korean paper) wallpaper makes it a stylish sanctuary for guests to renew and recharge, and showcases the beauty of Korea’s extraordinary cultural heritage.
Explore the landscaped themed gardens within Sondo central Park, ride a water taxi along its seawater canal or simply spend an afternoon exploring the park’s various cultural and outdoor attractions.
Ganghwa Island
image credit: Korea Tourism Organisation
Spend a day on Ganghwa Island also known as Ganghwado in Korean, for a unique “Healing and Culture”' nature experience. Feel nature’s synergy of healing and visit some of the island’s most impressive historic cultural buildings located amidst natural surroundings.
Jeondeungsa Temple, Ganghwado

image credit: Incheon Tourism Organisation
Jeondeungsa Temple, Korea’s oldest standing temple and a Goryeo palace and historic fortress was originally built on the same site. Located on Jeonjok Mountain, the temple is sprawled across several structures and is surrounded by lush greenery. Jeondeungsa’s natural surroundings induces a sense of calm, peace and balance.
Manisan Mountain Healing Forest,Ganghwado
image credit: Incheon Tourism Organisation
Take a therapeutic stroll in Manisan Mountain Healing Forest. Enjoy a “forest bath” as you soak in the forest ambience. From the scent of the pine trees, to the tranquillity of the forest, the “vitamins of the air” are naturally soothing. Embark on the hiking routes within the forest and a spectacular view awaits at the top of the mountain.
Seongmodo Mineral Hot Spring, Ganghwado
image credit: Incheon Tourism Organisation
Seongmodo Mineral Hot Spring offers fantastic views of the Yellow Sea as you soak in the bathtubs of Mother Nature. The 51℃ geothermal water is extracted from granite bedrock located 460 metres below earth’s surface. The hot spring water has natural healing properties as it contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals including calcium and magnesium. The outdoor hot spring tubs are favourite spots for mesmerising sunset views. Be sure to “chope” (grab) a spot early.
As you return to the city of Incheon, check out the following spots for the rest of your stay in Incheon.
Incheon Open Port Old Town

image credit: Korea Tourism Organisation
Visit Incheon Open Port Old Town, reflecting a “bustling” time in Incheon during the late 19th Century. This is the country’s first port which opened in 1883 and the area reflects the Korea’s history and culture from 130 years ago when foreigners arrived to the country. Till today, many of its buildings’ architecture retain influences from both the East and West with the arrival of international traders and from its early days of modernisation. Modern building stands alongside unique Japanese style historical structures that were used to house trading companies, financial institutions, hotels and even the former Japanese consulate.
Chinatown Incheon

Chinatown Incheon was developed as Chinese immigrants settled in the area when the Incheon Port opened in 1883. In the past, it is the place to go for imported goods from China as many of the immigrants would set up trading shops there. Today, the colourful streets in the area are filled with history of the early chinese immigrants and many Chinese restaurants who are the second or third generation descendants of the early Chinese settlers. Walk down Chohanzhi Mural Street and experience Time travel between the fall of Qin Dynasty and the founding of Han Dynasty along the 110-metre wall of paintings illustrating important events during this period.
Singi Traditional Market

There are around 150 stores selling fruits, vegetable, seafood, butcheries and as well as cooked food inside the traditional Singi Market. The market issues traditional bronze coins know as ‘Singitongbo’ to be used within the market in exchange for food and goods, adding elements of fun and entertainment for the visitors.
Ara Waterway Bike Path
The Ara Waterway Bike Path that starts/ends in Incheon is the flattest bicycle path in all South Korea. It is the shortest (21 KM) route of the entire length of 633 KM (approx.) cross-country cycling route that spans over 4 rivers in South Korea.

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